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Newsy! On Gals Pals and Parenting Priorities + Scalloped Tomatoes + Wolf Hollow (v.48)

May 17th, 2017

Consider this:

After A Week of WTF, I’m Rested, Relaxed and Ready for Parenting Action

Photo credit here

Recently I enjoyed an overnight get-away with a gaggle of eight gals. We have between two and four kids apiece, ranging from eight to 17-years-old. Each of us has a husband, an ex-husband or a soon-to-be ex-husband. Some of us are full-time career professionals, others are self-employed professionals and still others dedicate countless volunteer hours to education, politics and more. Read more

Newsy! A Consumer Reports + Green Breakfast Smoothie + Jonathan Moore Minimovie (v.47)

May 10th, 2017

Consider this:

A Consumer (Me!) Reports

All hail the mighty Blendtec!

A few years ago, I swapped my breakfast cereal for a breakfast smoothie I made with fruit, veggies and homemade almond milk. I needed a blender powerful enough to pulverize nuts into a mushy meal, so I hauled out my decades-old Black and Decker machine. Sadly, it produced a chunky meal that I could barely strain through a rather unfortunately named “nut bag.” (Worth noting: The slightly perverse joy of wandering the aisles at Whole Foods saying loudly, “I need a nut bag! Where are the nut bags?”) Read more

Newsy! Why I Love the Blues + Afghans + Bull (v.46)

May 3rd, 2017

Consider this:

Here’s What I’ve Learned From Feeling Blue

Photo credit: unsplash

Generally speaking, I don’t do blue.

I’ve never bought a piece of blue clothing, never worn blue jewelry, never owned blue suede shoes. It’s just never been my hue.

Until I started painting, that is. Read more

Newsy! Breaking My Ambien Addiction (v.45)

April 26th, 2017

*Since today’s essay is longer than usual, there’s no recipe or book review this week. Newsy! knows you’re busy!

Consider this:

I Thought I Couldn’t Get Addicted to Sleeping Pills. I Was Wrong.

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In honor of Sleep Awareness Week, I thought I’d share a story about my own struggles with sleep. I’ve already written about trying to cope with my regular 3 a.m. wakeup call, as well as my gratitude for the triangular wedge that miraculously stopped my husband from snoring. Today feels like the right time to tell another chapter of my sleep(less) story, one that’s more serious than my ruminations about a foam pillow. I’m going to tell you about my addiction to sleeping pills. Read more

Newsy! Family Show Time + Beef Tacos + Born A Crime (v.44)

April 19th, 2017

Consider this:

We’re Watching a New Family Show But Please Don’t Mention It

This is exactly what we don’t do (photo credit: flickr)

We caught an early morning flight last week for our spring break escape. As we lifted off from foggy San Francisco and headed to balmy Waikiki, I pulled out my New York Times (the smudgy paper version) and experienced that slightly smug feeling that comes from nobly educating myself about world affairs while everyone else vegges out on reruns of The Big Bang Theory and GoPro videos, courtesy of the in-flight entertainment system.

Read more

Newsy! Pythagoras Saved My Marriage + Soy Ginger Chicken + Textbook Amy Krouse Rosenthal (v.43)

April 5th, 2017

Consider this:

Thanks, Pythagoras: How A Simple Foam Triangle Saved My Marriage

I love thee, Pythagoras (photo credit: wikimedia)

Great news! I am not getting a divorce.

You didn’t know I’ve been considering it?

I have.

I had no choice.

It’s not that I no longer love my husband. I do. Utterly and completely, in fact. But for months, the love of my life has been tormenting me. Torturing me, really. Like a stealthy prowler, he waits until it’s dark outside, when the house is quiet and the kids are asleep. As for me, I’m in bed, very often wrestling with sleep. (Sleeping is not my strong point. Sometimes I can do it. Other times, I fail miserably.)  Read more

Newsy! My Birthday Wish + Hot Milk Cake + Between Them (v.42)

March 29th, 2017

Consider this:

It’s My Birthday. Here’s My Wish.

I’m proud that I used to make my kids birthday cakes like this one!

I’m officially a year older than I was 364 days ago, so I thought I’d take stock of life, the universe and everything. Good news: I’m not going to lament getting old. I’m not going to talk about my alarmingly greying hair because I know someone who makes that problem disappear. I’m not going to discuss my soft and expanding belly because, well, I already did. I’m not even going to mention the bittersweet feeling I have knowing I’ll soon be the shortest, lightest and decidedly weakest member of my male-dominated family. Read more

Newsy! Movin’ and Groovin’ With Nia + Cuban Black Beans + Meet My Cousins (v.41)

March 22nd, 2017

Consider this:

I’m Joyfully – and Unexpectedly – Whipping My Mind, Body and Spirit Into Shape

Remember Elaine’s dance fever?

Not long ago, my hubby and I were watching Big Little Lies on HBO. In one scene, the yoga teacher, Bonnie, was leading the class through a very un-yoga-like routine that looked like a combination of kickboxing, aerobics and something a hipster might do in a trendy dance club on a Saturday night.

“What is that?” I said to my husband. “I want to do that!”  Read more

Newsy! Mad Hatters + Roasted Sweet Potatoes + Big Little Lies (v.40)

March 16th, 2017

Consider this:

I’m Knitting and Purling To Protect Reproductive Rights

Two shades of resistance

It’s official: I’m a Mad Hatter.

Last week, I joined a group of local ladies who are knitting and purling for political resistance. Led by an inspired first-time activist name Lila, we’re raising money – more than $4200 and counting – for Planned Parenthood, the ACLU and other like-minded organizations by making pink pussy (cat) hats by the dozens.
For the price of materials ($6) and a $30 donation, you, too, can be the proud owner of a hat that’s hand-knitted with love – and purpose. Read more

Newsy! Immigrants I Love + Thai Coconut Soup + I’m Still Here (v.39)

March 9th, 2017

Consider this:

Immigrants I Love

Photo credit right here

My father-in-law, Julian, is an endocrinologist who ran his own practice for 40 years. Now 85, he still attends yearly conferences and reads all the current medical journals. At an age when most men have long since traded their daily grind for a relaxing retirement, Julian commutes an hour each way to his part-time job as a doctor at a New York state prison.  Read more