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Newsy! My Year In Review + Brisket + The Stranger In the Woods (v.52)

June 13th, 2017

Consider this:

A Very Newsy! Year In Review

Like sands through the hourglass … (photo credit here)

Thursday June 15th may seem like an odd day for a year in review, but since it happens to mark the one-year anniversary of Newsy!, I’m going with it. As I look back at all the past newsletters, I realize Newsy! serves as a time capsule of sorts, one that provides a darn good opportunity for me both to reflect on the last year – and think about what’s ahead. Read more

Newsy! Weirdos Unite + Millionaire’s Shortbread + Ann Patchett (v.51)

June 7th, 2017

Consider this:

Yes, I’m Weird. But So Are You.

Goat cheese. Gag. (photo credit here)

I don’t know exactly what got me thinking about my odd quirks, but it was probably goat cheese. Unlike almost everyone else, I absolutely despise the stuff. (My mom and sister do, too.) I hate it so much I tell people I’m allergic to it rather than explain how, when goat cheese mistakenly ends up in my mouth, I black out. Read more