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Newsy! Epiphanies R Us + No-Bake Power Bites + The Vegetarian (v.2)

May 31st, 2016

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Consider this:

Epiphanies R Us

This week, I’ve been thinking about epiphanies. You know, that sudden flash of inspiration, insight or understanding that smacks you upside the head and makes you think duh, that’s so obvious. How did I not see this before?

Ever had one?

My first bona fide epiphany hit me when I was 13 years old, in the middle of my high school Latin class. (This high school was in Dunedin, New Zealand, and the curriculum was based on the traditional British education system. So my school offered Latin – plus leather straps for beating boys who misbehaved. God Save the Queen!) Read more

Newsy! New Year’s Resolutions Day 1(40) + Roasted Sweet Potato & Coconut Soup + Burnt Shadows (v.1)

May 20th, 2016

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New Year’s Resolutions, Day 1(40)

This year, I’ve had some unexpected down time from work. It’s a bummer to lose precious billable hours (two of my ongoing editorial projects from 2015 crossed their natural finish line), but I’ve put my time to good use. In the past few months, I’ve attended workshops, readings, conferences, round table discussions and webinars on everything from online marketing and mindfulness to story telling, book publishing and 21st-century education. Here in Mill Valley, let alone in San Francisco and the greater Bay Area, we have so many opportunities to listen and learn. I figured it was time to step out of my cozy office/studio and pay attention to some of the words and wisdom swirling around out there on the foggy breeze, available to anyone who chooses to stop and listen. Read more